About Us

Your trusted

28 years of expertise

Industry-leading & cutting-edge innovations, award winning products.

600 000 protein bars per week

Production capacity

IFS certified and gluten free

Production facilities.

Quality guaranteed

In-house lab, R&D centre, total quality management department. Halal and Kosher certificates

2 production facilities, 2 state-of-the-art fully automated production lines.

For production of layered protein bars, energy bars, raw vegan balls and whey protein powder.

Global presence

FitSpo is a global trademark and our products are distributed in over 16 countries worldwide.

FitSpo Philosophy!

15 years ago we started off with the idea of creating revolutionary, functional and tasty food with the right ingredients and in the right proportion, developed by professional athletes and nutritionists, designed for everyone out there. Over the years, FitSpo has established itself as the preferred brand of professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and everyone who’s chosen to live actively.

And today we have no limits…
Today we are the brand that discovers and delivers better nutrition, greater functionality and indulging taste, so at the end of the day you will get the best out of it.

Behind our renowned brand there is over a 28 of years of expertise, know-how, cutting edge innovations and the most innovative and fast-growing European manufacturer of high-protein and high-energy products, sugar free, palm oil free and preservatives free – FitSpo Nutrition. The courage to put the best out of our experience, to use only the purest and premium raw materials, motivates us to create new and iconic products that will become your routine for start of the day, after or before sports, every day, any time and at any age.